This new vegan online marketplace delivers to your doorstep

Demand for vegan or plant-based foods has exploded over the past two years as the pandemic has made people more aware of where their food comes from. Meanwhile, in the era of COVID-19, we’ve learned more about the power of plant-based diets to boost immunity and improve overall health. In response, more and more entrepreneurs are developing convenient and delicious alternatives to vegan meat and dairy, as well as plant-based eggs, vegan mayonnaise, dairy-free cheese – just about all of them. products that you can imagine have been made from plants. But where to find them?

Your regular grocers are selling more and more plant-based products every day, but they don’t always have that hard-to-find plant-based Parmesan cheese you love, or your favorite dairy-free yogurt, or JUST Eggs, which are now a staple in stock. of your brunch menu. Well, now consumers have a must-see new online marketplace that will deliver all of their favorite vegan or herbal products right to their doorstep for them. PlantBelly is a new online vegan marketplace featuring a huge selection of alternative meats like Beyond and dairy-free cheeses like Miyokos Creamery, as well as plant-based dairy-free bacon, shrimp and cheese, and much more.

PlantBelly aims to establish itself as the one stop shop for all your vegan products and staples, providing customers with familiar favorites and emerging brands that are hard to find. The online marketplace offers popular brands like Field Roast, Daring, Tofurky, Beyond, JUST Egg, Miyokos, Earth Balance, Kite Hill, Milkademia, etc. But you will discover new producers of vegan food like Mind Blown, Flora, Morris Kitchen, Three Trees and many more. Consumers across the United States will suddenly have hundreds of herbal products available for delivery.

“Many of us are looking to include more foods in our diets that tick key boxes: better for us but no less delicious, and better for our planet,” said PlantBelly co-founder Eve David. “Our mission is to inspire people to eat more plants by presenting them with healthy substitutes for their favorite foods that are not only delicious but also better for the earth.”

Demand for plant-based food is on the rise

A report of the Plant-Based Foods Association found that plant-based retailing reached $ 7 billion last year, predicting that growth is expected to continue in the future. The report found that in 2020, 57% of U.S. households purchased plant-based foods, with growth of 43% in the past two years. The dramatic shift in consumer behavior has prompted companies like PlantBelly to dedicate retail space directly to herbal consumption.

The e-shopping platform will allow consumers to purchase pantries and produce commodities through an a la carte system, but will also offer product bundles and monthly subscriptions. PlantBelly will have special offers, including the BIPOC and Woman-Founded collections, as well as a Bar Cart Upgrade Pack to provide pre-designed shopping carts to first-time buyers. For regular visitors, the company will also offer a monthly discovery subscription “tasting box“that will allow people to try new herbal products every month, containing everything from small-batch products to market favorites.

“PlantBelly celebrates abundance, creativity, and the joy of plant-based eating,” David said. “We strive to make it exciting to discover delicious, plant-based alternatives to our customers’ favorite foods and to help them stock their kitchens with options that help them eat well. We have herbal provisions for everyone, whatever their motivation or motivation and no matter where they are on their herbal journey. PlantBelly has plant-based foods that everyone will love.

As online grocery shopping continues to gain traction among consumers, PlantBelly joins a growing list of plant-based retailers betting big on making vegan and plant-based foods convenient. Two major entries of recently traded stocks on the Canadian stock exchange, although they mainly operate in the United States: Vejii and PlantX have both launched vegan shopping platforms, each featuring thousands of herbal products.

With PlantBelly turning on the lights of its online marketplace, we’ve got one less excuse not to all cook healthier vegan options – any night of the week.