The online platform for people enthusiastic about building bikes and cars

Buildz offers car and bike enthusiasts a meeting place where they can swap parts and rub wits.

For most people, vehicles are just a means of transportation to take them from one destination to another. This group of people has almost no interest in learning how the vehicle is able to achieve this. Their main concern is to get where they want to go. On the other hand, there is another group who like to learn how vehicles work and will not hesitate to take one apart and build it from scratch in order to satisfy their curiosity.

People who belong to the latter group are the type to spend money, resources and time to customize their vehicles to their specifications. Plus, they love searching forums full of like-minded people to share ideas, find solutions to lingering problems, and even sell vehicle parts. One forum these enthusiasts should consider bookmarking is

Buildz is a platform that offers a spare parts network filled with thousands of enthusiasts looking to find the best parts for their car and bike projects. The site allows its users to plan their projects, compare thousands of products and brands, and save money as they build.

Once a user registers on the Buildz platform, they immediately gain access to the site’s spare parts database which has over 40,000 products waiting to be explored and discovered. This extensive database also offers users the ability to compare information, specifications and prices. There’s even the option to save any particular item that isn’t urgently needed to a wishlist for later.

Moreover, the Buildz site helps its users to build their projects in the most profitable way with its price alerts and discount network. It does this by automatically tracking prices and discounts and notifying watchlist users immediately. Users can also enjoy the BZ Gold subscription with unlimited value.

Of course, no building project is complete without an audience to share it with. Buildz knows this, which is why it has a dedicated community section filled with over a thousand members sharing their own project journey. The community also gives users the opportunity to network and share helpful tips that can help everyone’s projects succeed.

Plus, Buildz understands how life can throw curve balls that can ruin plans. Thus, in the event that its members lack motivation to pursue a project, the platform has the perfect solution to remedy this. Buildz offers rewards to unlock as you progress in your project. Some of the rewards on offer include unlockable virtual badges that can be proudly displayed on one’s profile. There are also comprehensive in-app goals for bonus entries into exclusive giveaways frequently held on the Buildz platform.

To learn more about Buildz and also take advantage of its many benefits, visit the site.

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