Skincare brand Utama Spice doubles sales during PPKM with online sales – Business

Josa Lukman (The Jakarta Post)

Jakarta ●
Tue 10 Aug 2021

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Over the past few years, skin care products containing natural ingredients have steadily gained in popularity due to their health benefits.

At the same time, environmental awareness is becoming the main focus across the world, including in the beauty industry. The widespread use of natural ingredients, in turn, is fueled by the belief that it is greener by generating less waste, biodegradable and recyclable.

Thus, a large number of companies have tried to obtain the best of both worlds: to offer products that are attractive to consumers while respecting the environment for future generations.

One of those companies is Utama Spice, a local brand based in Ubud, Bali.

In an interview with TribunnewsRia Templer, co-founder of Utama Spice, said the brand started when founder, Ria’s mother, Melanie Templer, fell in love with Bali’s environment and went on to study Indonesian herbs and spices.

Together with her partner Dayu Suci, who is well versed in traditional Balinese healing, Melanie began by experimenting and creating skin care products using natural ingredients in her cooking.

“When my mom started Utama Spice, she made a commitment not only to building a profitable business, but also a business that has strong values ​​so that it can have a positive impact on people. From there, my mother wanted to support Balinese women, so she opened up job opportunities to women in our village, ”explained Ria.

And Melanie set out to do just that. About 90 percent of Utama Spice employees are women, most of them breadwinners.

Along with empowering women, Utama Spice also emphasizes its commitment to using environmentally friendly ingredients as much as possible.

“So when we buy ingredients, we always try to buy the ones that we can replant, including coconut oil, where we have invested in a company that produces its oils in a sustainable way,” he said. she said, adding that Utama Spice has also worked with local farmers to plant ingredients. for the essential oils which make up a large part of the company’s products.

Yet the still ongoing pandemic has taken its toll on many businesses, including Utama Spice. Sales of its skin care products fell nearly 80% as spas in Bali had to close. Of the more than 100 spas and hotels it usually supplied, Utama Spice suddenly found itself supplying only 30.

Even so, Ria knew the business had to survive. She turned to social media and online marketplaces like Tokopedia, where sales have been booming.

Through Tokopedia, Ria said that Utama Spice has found its primary market, to the point that more than half of the company’s Rp 50-100 million in monthly revenue comes from the platform.

Utama Spice official store. (./.)

“I see Tokopedia is very trustworthy because our customers trust us even more when we sell through Tokopedia. Additionally, TopAds’ ROI is much higher than that of other markets or social media platforms, ”she said.

Although Utama Spice also offers its products through social media, customers tend to shop through Tokopedia because it offers an easier checkout process. Features like free shipping and live chat also make it more convenient for the business, as highlighted products can sell for up to five times more than usual, Ria continues.

Focusing on online sales through Tokopedia, Utama Spice sales in 2021 topped last year’s figure, even doubling during the Restricted Public Activities (PPKM) period. It has shown that reading trends correctly and going digital allows businesses to survive and even thrive despite the pandemic.

However, one of the problems with selling skin care products online is that the buyer cannot try on the items because the textures and smells are incompatible with the screens. To rectify this, Ria said that Utama Spice often sends free samples to customers with their purchases, in order to provide a high level of customer satisfaction in their service even if transactions are kept online.

“We try to provide customers with the best possible service, so we always need someone who is available to respond to customer inquiries while ensuring that orders are completed correctly and sent on time,” noted Ria.

“I am also grateful for the functionality of Tokopedia which allows customers to provide feedback to merchants for their service, so that others can learn more about our products.”

While Utama Spice’s products have been delivered across the country, including Batam, the Riau Islands and Timika in Papua, Ria believes the company’s ethics go beyond the pursuit of profit, sticking to its commitment to create a better environment for the benefit of future generations.

“I want to prove that we can be environmentally conscious while making a profit – we don’t have to plunder the earth for ingredients, but we can help make it a better place.”