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The flourishing of B2C e-commerce has influenced shopping commerce worldwide and it has come to stay.

Since the arrival of the first e-commerce platform in Nigeria more than ten years ago,
its adoption has increased dramatically and with its growth has come an ongoing challenge of scams associated with unreliable sellers.

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Nigerians have embraced the online marketplace as a medium to sell their goods or second-hand items, but there is still a lingering concern of being cheated online even in popular marketplaces. Stepping up to solve the problem and create a safer market, these three dynamic young entrepreneurs, Adeniyi Moses Adetola, Ibrahim Abdu and Mohammed Sule envisioned and created Selloff Ng, a platform where buyers are certain to trade with verified people and the possibility of a scam it sucks.

It is currently the only platform in the country that verifies its sellers as part of the registration process before allowing them to open their shop. Continuous quality assurance is the hallmark of Selloff ng as it guarantees that the items listed are genuine to provide all buyers and sellers with a complete and scam-free e-commerce experience.

The security and scam detection process has positioned as unrivaled in terms of genuine products and services in Nigeria. The company connects buyers and sellers to conduct transactions in a secure environment powered by a rigorous multi-level verification process.
This has attracted an increasing number of buyers and sellers with a growing market in Nigeria.

How it works
Potential sellers submit store opening requests through the company’s website
If the verification process is completed and successful, a store is automatically opened for them, from which they can download their products, which also undergo an additional review process (scam detection). Buyers come to the site, find products, and then interact with the seller. Feedback is encouraged on the site based on their experience.

Currently, the platform has thousands of verified sellers across all 36 states of Nigeria.

Shoppers buy with confidence from thousands of listed products and services. Selloff is 100% FREE to post your items for sale, and with the verification process, buyers can rest assured that they are buying from people who have been verified to be genuine sellers.

At – you can buy or sell cars, smartphones, laptops, homes, electronics, appliances, furniture, fashion, health and agricultural products, services and more others.

The organization aims to connect 2 million buyers to sellers by the end of 2022

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