Sean Raymond disrupts the online market by helping others scale their brands

Today, the role, scale and importance of e-commerce are constantly growing. Many successful organizations know that the key to growing success is the effective use of technology and its benefits. Therefore, there is a growing demand for companies that specialize in helping businesses achieve sustainability and long-term success online. Goodlife Agency is one of the best of these companies, whose impressive portfolio includes the growth of several companies at a unique number and scale.

With an eye for detail and perfection, Goodlife Agency founder Sean Raymond left his everyday hobbies as a teenager to focus on growing businesses through e-commerce consulting and online marketing. Interestingly, for his young age, Sean built the business with a great sense of community and vigour. From the day Goodlife Agency was founded, Sean has led the business to new heights with one principle: to outperform any other marketing agency by providing meaningful ROI and business advice, maintaining an unparalleled level of quality and of consistency.

“Dedication, Education, Commitment and Willingness to Go For What You Want” shares the business prodigy telling us what it took to become a successful entrepreneur. At 17, he has already established himself as an eCommerce expert.

We sat down with Sean to review his company’s current operations and mission.


In this regard, its record to date speaks for itself. Realizing how good he was at e-commerce and Facebook ads, Sean started attracting expensive clients. Sooner than he thought, he landed his first 7-figure client. Then came a second, a third, and so on. Return on ad spend (ROAS) increased by 13% (1300% return on investment) per month. To date, Sean maintains an impressive lifetime ROI of 871% and continues to scale his clients to 7-figure dominance. With this success rate at such a young age, this online marketing genius is sure to be making a splash in e-commerce for years to come.

“Our main values ​​are adaptation, responsibility and growth. We believe that continuously improving our service and providing our customers with the most experienced team that I can provide are just two of the many assets that guarantee the success of our customers”, adds Sean.


To design the right steps and adapt effectively to innovations, it is essential to continuously develop digital skills and knowledge. The Goodlife Agency team takes care of all of this while adapting to the ever-changing reality of growing client companies.

“We really enjoy seeing our clients’ businesses grow. As we run ads, we learn valuable marketing information directly from the client and use it to advise other aspects of our clients’ businesses, while also using them to enhance our next iteration of ads, driving rapid and sustainable growth online,” says Sean.


By working with Goodlife Agency, organizations can deliver relevant ads, understand ad performance, and receive expert e-commerce advice, all in one service.

“We strive to achieve excellence in our clients’ advertising accounts and in their overall business strategy and growth through understanding advertising performance and customer insight,” says Sean.

Goodlife agency has become a reliable friend for many organizations around the world, providing them with the right navigation in the digital world.

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