OZ FundHub Launches New Opportunity Zone Online Platform

LOS ALTOS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, OZ FundHub launched a new online platform serving as a neutral marketplace for Opportunity Zone (OZ) investors and Qualified Opportunity Funds (QOF) to connect. OZ FundHub will provide educational tools for investors to learn more about OZ investing and as an information marketplace to find the right funds for their specific investment requirements and needs.

OZ FundHub was created to meet the needs of buyers (investors) and sellers (funds) to solve two problems in the OZ space. First, many investors are perfect OZ candidates but lack access to tools that optimize the fund formation and selection process. Second, QOFs miss the opportunity to capture relevant search traffic in the opportunity zone and convert it into material investments in their fund(s).

“The bipartisan Opportunity Zone program is a great investment vehicle that benefits investors while simultaneously delivering social impact to communities in distress,” said Michael Hubert, co-founder of OZ FundHub. “With such a volume of investor interest and a lack of demand generation expertise in this space, we saw an opening to leverage our experience to elevate the overall market.”

OZ FundHub delivers value to the entire Opportunity Zone market with exclusive fund products and tools for investors, including:

  • OZ fundraising: Investors complete a short questionnaire and in turn receive a curated list of QOFs that match their investment goals.
  • OZFH connection: Specialized webinars where QOFs can offer their funds directly to investors whose investment criteria (investment size, region of interest, time frame, etc.) match the fund’s offerings.
  • OZFH Learning Center: Provide original, digestible Opportunity Zone educational materials to empower investors. This includes guides, white papers, and original blog posts. Content will also be added to our social channels with additional OZ news and updates.
  • OZ Cards: QOFs display their planned projects on interactive maps for investors to view.
  • OZ Forums: The first public forum where investors and fund managers connect and engage directly. Fund managers can monitor specific issues and topics being discussed in the investor market. Additionally, certain areas of the forum will be available for funds to advertise.
  • Newsletters and sponsored content: Funds can leverage OZ FundHub’s database of interested investors to provide curated content specific to your fund. The OZ FundHub team will assist in the production of this material.

For the official OZ FundHub website, visit www.ozfundhub.com.

About the OZ FundHub Team

Michael Hubert: OZ FundHub co-founder Michael Hubert has over 18 years of demand generation experience leading successful B2C and B2B organizations. Founder and Principal Consultant of Hubert Group, his client portfolio includes Hubspot, Forge Global and Urban Confluence. Michael has contributed as a demand generation specialist to investor relations in previous opportunity zone funds, successfully raising $87 million in capital.

Jake DeVine: A graduate of the USC Marshall School of Business, co-founder Jake DeVine brings his experience dealing with real estate investors to the Opportunity Zone space. Jake was an integral part of the investor relations team at previous companies closing deals from the fund request generation funnel and limited partner pool. In addition to his investor management role, Jake managed to raise $27 million.

About OZ FundHub

Founded in 2022 by Michael Hubert and Jake DeVine in Los Altos, California, OZ FundHub is committed to increasing investment awareness in the Opportunity Zone to help investors and fund managers in their quest for a return on their capital while creating a positive social impact in communities around the world. the country. For more information, visit www.ozfundhub.com.