National Convenience Distributors Unveils New Online Platform to Unite Its Four Divisions

FARMINGDALE, NY – The National Convenience Distributors (NCD) uses technology to tie their businesses together, starting with a designed website.

The online portal brings together the four divisions of NCD and streamlines communication with suppliers and customers. The new site also provides customers with new tools for ordering online and information on mobile ordering technology and services, according to the organization.

The site also offers information on:

  • the history of NCD;
  • Management team;
  • Marketing services; and
  • Personalized products and merchandising programs.

Additionally, the online platform will serve as a hub for customers to receive consistent updates on mobile technology initiatives.

“The launch of our new site will help us set ourselves apart from the rest of our competition,” said CEO Jeff Allen. “In a tech-driven world, an efficient and informative online platform allows us to stay ahead of the curve and better connect with what matters most: our partners.

NCD, based in Farmingdale, was formed through the acquisitions of Harold Levinson Associates, J. Polep Distribution Services, Allen Brothers Wholesale Distribution, Wustefeld Candy and, most recently, Century Distributors. It serves more than 17,000 customers in the Northeastern United States, from Maine to Virginia, as the nation’s fourth largest convenience store distributor offering fresh candies, snacks, sandwiches and salads, cigarettes and cigars, coffee, ice cream, and frozen and chilled products. food.