Minister of Kerala P Rajeeve- The New Indian Express

Through Express news service

KOCHI: The state will launch an online platform to market bamboo, coconut and palm products, Industry Minister P Rajeeve said on Sunday.

“The digital university was commissioned to study the potential of the online market of traditional products. It submitted the report,” Rajeeve said after inaugurating the 18th edition of Kerala Bamboo Fest, organized by the Kerala State Bamboo Mission ( KSBM), at Marine Drive. land here.

“Although storage and logistics are a challenge, marketing can be done online,” he said. Rajeeve also said that the shopping center set up by KINFRA on 15 acres of land will be ready within two years and will provide exhibitors with a permanent place to showcase their products.

“In an age when environmental awareness is on the rise, products that are in harmony with nature are important. Among them, bamboo has potential, but its shortage needs to be addressed. About 15,000 bamboo seedlings have been planted on 300 acres at the Kerala campus of Aligarh University in consultation with the forestry department. The Kerala State Bamboo Corporation will open five permanent stores across the state because the bamboo fair once a year is insufficient, ”Rajeeve said.

More than 200 artisans and nine organizations will participate in this year’s bamboo festival. A special bamboo gallery would be set up to exhibit handicrafts created under KSBM. The festival is open to visitors from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. until December 23.

Free entry. The festival has stands from the Bamboo Society, Kerala Forest Research Institute (KFRI), Forestry Department and Handicraft Development Corporation. Bamboo furniture, crafts, jewelry, decorative items, bags, utensils and a variety of foods made from bamboo are displayed in the stalls. Rajeeve has also started a book, ‘Introduction to Certain Bamboos of Kerala’ published by KFRI.