Likely auction center, tea tray to enable online sale

Agartala: If all goes as planned, Tripura could soon have a tea auction center, the second in the North East after Guwahati. Stakeholders and agencies involved in tea development and marketing have proposed an auction center that will target tea produced in Tripura and lower Assam, particularly the Cachar region, official Tea sources said. Board.

Apart from that, the tea council of india also plans to allow Tripura Tea to be sold online, which will be a big boost, the official said.

During the meeting, Tripura Tea Development Corporation (TTDC) has urged the Tea Board to set up an auction center here in Tripura.

“It will help us to get better prices as transportation costs will be close to zero,” said TTDC Chairman Santosh Saha.

“TTDC takes the development of Tripura tea very seriously. In consultation with the State Government, we have sent a letter to Tea Board India seeking an auction center exclusively for Tripura and Cachar. Because Guwahati and Kolkata auction markets are far from Tripura,” Saha said.

After a long time, he said, the Tea Board called a virtual meeting on the matter.
“Together with the General Manager and the members of the Board of Directors of TTDC, I attended the meeting. About 50 other stakeholders including buyers, sellers and delegates from different tea associations also attended the meeting and expressed their views. Some people have expressed concern about this because the auction center in Siliguri had to be closed due to the poor quality of the tea,” Saha said.

Saha told the meeting that despite being neglected for years, tea in Tripura has reached new heights in the past two years.

“We don’t have access to international markets and the domestic market is also small compared to annual production. Our production is close to 90 Lakh kgs while our local market demand is 15 lakh kgs. The only option left to us is the auction market. But this requires heavy brokerage and carry fees. If an auction center is set up here in our state, it will greatly relieve the tea growers of Tripura,” Saha said.

Tea Board officials, he said, assured him of their support and said arrangements would be made to sell Tripura Tea online. “A separate catalog will also be released for Tripura tea,” he added.

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