LevelTen Announces New Online Platform for Buying and Selling Renewable Energy Assets

LevelTen Energy announced the LevelTen Asset Marketplace, an online platform for buying and selling renewable energy assets. The LevelTen Asset Marketplace brings together the world’s largest collection of renewable energy project developers and asset investors, and provides the software, analytics and expertise to quickly buy and sell assets at all stages of the process. maturity. With the launch of LevelTen Asset Marketplace, the LevelTen platform becomes the world’s largest online hub for renewable energy asset transactions and energy sales.

Traditionally, acquiring or disposing of assets was a slow manual process that required insider networks. The process took months, and with a limited view of the market, participants could not be sure they were dealing with the right projects at the right price. Now, using LevelTen Asset Marketplace, sellers can list their assets for auction and instantly reach over 470 developers and financiers, maximizing asset exposure to qualified buyers and investors. Participants can also work with LevelTen’s team of M&A experts to develop the best competitive positioning and facilitate contract negotiations. Those interested in acquiring assets can issue automated tenders and take advantage of LevelTen’s in-depth analyzes to select projects with high added value.

The LevelTen Asset Marketplace builds on the success of the LevelTen Energy Marketplace, the world’s largest online marketplace for renewable PPAs. Now, this global network of more than 470 developers and project financiers can find PPA buyers and buy and sell assets in a single online platform, making it faster and easier to overcome these key obstacles in the development process. .

“It’s hard to imagine getting the best deal on your home or buying a home you won’t regret if you only transact with people on your contact list,” said Patrick Worrall, vice president of LevelTen Energy at Asset Marketplace. “Yet the sale and purchase of renewable energy assets worked like this. More than 470 project developers already participate in the LevelTen platform; now they can buy and sell their assets quickly, knowing they are getting the best deal possible because they have full transparency and market access.

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