Launch of a new online sales platform

MANILA, Philippines – A local marketing company has launched an online network aimed at providing livelihoods to millions of Filipinos who have lost their jobs during the current coronavirus crisis.

The WeEvolve platform is a way for savvy Filipino internet users online to earn income to financially support a family by having an online home business.

“With the proper knowledge and training on these types of livelihoods, Filipinos have little or no reason to struggle more financially,” said Alvin Sahagun, president of WeEvolve Marketing Corp.

He said the company has already started providing livelihood opportunities for Filipinos across the country.

WeEvolve President Roy Cueto said that although they already have 28,000 sellers online, they are targeting 100,000 members within the year.

For a quick start fee of just P1200, anyone can become a member and earn 30 percent profit per product sold.

Members can level up to sell more of the WeEvolve line of products once they have mastered the business and are ready to sell more in the different product categories.

The product list includes skin care, weight loss, health care, prebiotic and probiotic products approved by the Food and Drug Administration through a hybrid compensation plan.