Ketchup shortage creates online market for old packets

A ketchup shortage in the United States has led Americans to sell single-use packets obtained from fast food restaurants on eBay and other marketplaces.

The phenomenon of the coronavirus pandemic, as the Wall Street Journal reports, led to ridiculous price spikes for single-use packages, including a three-package listing on eBay Wednesday afternoon that was offered up to $ 11.50 and was named “For the Survival of Apocalypse ! ” by the seller.

Other more recent listings on eBay included an offer for 20 packs starting at $ 3.99 with a buyback price of $ 9.99, while larger bottles could also be found on the platform.

Kraft Heinz, America’s best-known ketchup brand, told the Journal in a statement that it was increasing production to meet the demands of the shortage. La Colline asked for further comments.

NPR reported that squeeze is particularly hitting the restaurant industry, which has seen single-use pack prices rise 13% amid the shortage.

“They’re really sweating because of it. I mean, it’s expensive,” Heather Haddon, restaurant reporter for the Journal, told NPR in an interview.. “It’s, you know, a service issue. So for these restaurateurs, it’s no laughing matter.”

“Everyone was sheltering at home and the manufacturers were really putting grocery customers first. So everyone was eating, you know, their burgers and fries at home,” Haddon added.