How Shoal Creek Nursery boosted their business with an online platform upgrade

After partnering with New Media Retailer to establish a new online presence, Shoal Creek Nursery saw immediate results in key business metrics.

The new website has also helped us to be found more online in our local market, attracting current and new customers to browse our site and visit us in store. »

— Scott of Shoal Creek Nursery

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA, Aug. 9, 2022 / — About the client

Shoal Creek Nursery offers a wide selection of high quality plants, imported pottery, water features and gardening supplies. Based in Austin, Texas, the company was started about six years ago by Mike and Veronica Sewell. They wanted to share the beauty of horticulture with others. Shoal Creek Nursery prides itself on selling only the highest quality plants. They buy only from the best growers and offer a selection of unique gardening supplies and plants that are proven in the local Austin climate.

Business challenges

Shoal Creek Nursery is a relatively new business that started just six years ago. Yet the functionality of the company’s website had become obsolete. As a result, the website was very underutilized and there was little to no change on a monthly and yearly basis. Also, the look of the site had become outdated.

“Creating a modern and up-to-date website that was more customer-centric and regularly updated was a clear priority for us,” Scott said. “We offer several seasonal products, new arrivals and a long list of products sold in the nursery, so our outdated website simply did not meet our needs.”

The solution

After consulting with Shoal Creek Nursery, it became clear that an improved website platform could meet their needs. The New Media Retailer (NMR) and Shoal Creek Nursery worked together to create a more dynamic, customer-centric website that helped drive in-store traffic.

NMR has built a responsive design, giving Shoal Creek customers a better user experience from their phones and desktops. During the launch of the new platform, NMR helped promote the new website on social media and in their stores.

“NMR’s design team was impressed with the many creative methods and resources they employed to enable our clients to get the most out of the website,” Scott said. “Their level of customer service and proactive nature in bringing new ideas to the table made the difference!”


It didn’t take long after the launch of Shoal Creek Nursery’s new website to see what a difference it made to the business. In the first month alone, Shoal Creek saw an increase of more than 11,000 visits. They have consistently maintained traffic increases of two to five times that of their previous website.

Specifically, the company saw an increase in site traffic that clicked on the product pages, which resulted in visitors becoming aware of the wide range of products sold at the nursery. It also helped drive those visitors to the physical location. The number of clicks to this site section increases significantly after the update and deployment. As a result, the product section has been revamped to create an improved customer experience and significantly increase the number of featured products.

“The new website has also helped us be more found online in our local market, attracting current and new customers to check out our site and visit us in store,” Scott said. This week alone, we got over 25,000 views on our local listing on Google, 125 phone calls and 250 clicks for directions! »

Each month, NMR provides Shoal Creek Nursery with an analytics report showing web traffic for that month, along with a graph at the bottom that shows data for the previous 12 months.

“With this detailed level of data, we are able to track consistent growth, as well as seasonal/monthly traffic patterns on our website. The analytics report shows us the value of the website each month, which pages customers interact with the most, and which products are of interest to our customers, which helps with product and promotion planning,” Scott said.

In addition to their monthly analytics report, NMR provides a regularly updated graph to show traffic growth over 3.5 years and when website updates occur.

“It’s amazing to see the trend over time!”


Shoal Creek Nursery is a yard and garden supply retailer that had an outdated and lackluster online presence. After partnering with New Media Retailer to create a new, more user-friendly online presence, the company saw immediate results in key business metrics. Shoal Creek Nursery saw a noticeable increase in website clicks, foot traffic, store calls, and clicks for directions. The result is a more accessible, dynamic and profitable business.

Janet Thomas
New Media Retailer