HealthBook Me launches comprehensive online wellness platform focused on individuality and diversity

Premier wellness platform focused on providing the most diverse range of professional wellness providers to meet the needs of individual clients

Following the coronavirus outbreak and resulting lockdown, people around the world have become more aware of their overall health and well-being. Global trends show an increase in interest in health and wellness and indicate that this interest will continue to grow. This has resulted in the establishment of a good number of wellness providers. However, in a pool of competitive vendors, HealthBook Me stands out.

The Wellness Platform has a strong focus on person-centered wellness and diversity. This is a unique aspect for the wellness industry as there is currently no single platform that focuses on both aspects. This is unique because focusing on individuality and diversity is integral to achieving complete well-being, especially on a mental level.

In light of the passing of former Miss US, Chelsea Kryst, who took her own life, the importance of having wellness providers who can truly connect with the backgrounds and challenges of life cannot be overemphasized. ‘a person. Her victory in the Miss USA pageant in 2019 marked a historic first when the winners of America’s three biggest beauty pageants were all black women. It was a huge victory for the black community and for her too, but unfortunately it was not enough to save her. In the past, Kryst has spoken about mental health several times and said she’s had counseling, but we’ll never know how much she actually did based on what happened.

HealthBook Me, however, strives to ensure that everyone gets the wellness they deserve and can connect to. With trained and certified professionals, the Wellness Platform is here to help people reduce stress, find their inner selves, while building a healthy mind-body balance. The online platform connects natural healers, wellness providers, yoga therapists and other alternative medicine professionals, offering convenient and easy-to-use tools to organize individual and group sessions in line.

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The goal is to ensure that people can access well-being at their convenience. Wellness visits are conducted via Zoom, which greatly facilitates guest comfort. With customers and providers in the same market, customers can easily compare services based on training, track record, and reviews to choose the best provider for their needs. HealthBook Me guarantees that all providers are licensed, accredited and verified with adequate experience to provide quality service.

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