France launches new online platform to report internet scams

A new online platform has been launched by the French government to give victims of internet scams the chance to report the incident without having to go to a police station.

THESEUS (harmonized processing of investigations and reports for e-scams or harmonized processing of requests and reports of online scams), covers a dozen different types of Internet fraud.

These include romance scams, property sale scams, theft of credit card details, real estate rental fraud, blackmail, ransomware, and identity theft, among others.

THESEE was originally scheduled to go live in 2018, but only began to be piloted in October 2021. When it went live on Wednesday March 16, the National Police indicated that people had already used the platform to make reports .

Members of the public can access CESEE through the government information page, where they will be asked to tick the description that applies to their situation.

To continue with their report, they must connect via FranceConnect, then have 30 days to finalize their declaration.

The report will then be examined by the national police and gendarmerie investigation teams, who will contact the person if their complaint has been validated.

A team of 17 police and gendarmes will then cross-check the press release with other reports they have received and launch an investigation if necessary.

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