Fournie Launches SocialCart Enabling Seamless Online Selling For Small Businesses

Provided, an all-in-one wholesale platform that supports the entire sales cycle of an online retail store announced the launch of Social basket, a one-of-a-kind e-commerce subscription model with competitive pricing.

SocialCart reinforces Supplied’s position as a trusted and valuable resource for the small business owner looking to grow online.

Launched in 2020, Supplied provides small retail business owners with the tools, knowledge, and community to start and grow their business online.

SocialCart continues this mission by providing entrepreneurs with cutting-edge features like Facebook Live auto-invoicing that allows sellers to capitalize on changing e-commerce trends, while streamlined online stores and inventory management streamline backend management.

“I started Supplied with the goal of democratizing access to retail business ownership for everyone, not just those with high capital and unlimited resources. We’ve created a platform where new business owners can seamlessly connect to manufacturers, eliminating minimum order quantities.

Joseph Heller, Founder and CEO of Supplied

COVID-19 has definitely changed the way consumers shop, with e-commerce set to be a 22% of global retail sales by 2023.

To respond to changing consumer buying behaviors, small business owners need the technology and tools to show where their customers are online.

SocialCart allows sellers to enter social commerce

SocialCart takes a look at the growing trend of social commerce, which is growing in the United States and is already a popular means of shopping in Asia.

As small businesses increasingly use Facebook and Instagram Live as their meaningful sales channel, SocialCart provides them with a seamless platform to grow and scale while eliminating back office management.

Going forward, the tool will sell across all major social media platforms to provide sellers with an omnichannel approach to running their business online.

SocialCart offers a subscription model consisting of three plans (Basic, Growth and Pro) that offer the following tools to make selling online easier than ever:

  • Facebook Live automatic billing – Guaranteed to save hours, after each Facebook Live, sellers can see the invoices sent by the SocialCart software and the payment status of each invoice. It only remains to pack and ship.
  • E-commerce online store – With no setup or maintenance required, SocialCart provides small businesses with a fully functional online store with a custom SocialCart subdomain.
  • Inventory management system – Streamlined inventory management system helps small business owners stay organized, add products from any wholesaler, and automatically sync orders delivered.

While SocialCart’s subscription model includes these new tools, Supplied users have free access to Supplied’s wholesale marketplace with no minimum order quantity, 30% off with Group Buy, free resources, and educational tools through Supplied University, as well as community support.

As retail technology continues to evolve, SocialCart is a huge step forward for Supplied in truly supporting the full sales cycle.

This platform is a great asset to the direct selling community and enables small business owners around the world to fulfill their dream of getting their business off the ground.

Editorial note: This post is from a company press release and may have been edited for clarity.

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