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Red Bull Solo Q, the official League of Legends 1v1 tournament, ended this weekend in an exciting way as Mads “Viggomopsen” Mikkelsen was crowned Red Bull Solo Q champion, beating Arnas “arnax” Stepanauskas in a victory confident 4-2.

Located at one of Germany’s most visited tourist attractions, BMW Welt, and with Eefje “Sjokz” Depoortere as the global face of the initiative, the Red Bull Solo Q World Final concludes an incredible year for League of Legends Esports.

The Red Bull Solo Q World Finals kicked off on Saturday, December 4, with 19 of the world’s top 1v1 League of Legends players entering the group stage to decide who will advance to the playoffs. The Howling Abyss single track map saw players forced to change their usual playstyle, as well as a Sudden Death mechanic causing players to fight in a shrinking Ring of Fire after 7 minutes. Opening day saw both American players, DarkWings and Bradleyyy eliminated, leaving North American fans with the Canadian Doxa as their only hope. The French top-laner Raphaël “Lingwi” Claudé, who looked like a very good competitor before the final, could only present a performance of 1 win 3 losses which saw him eliminated in the group stage.

Sunday saw the start of the Playoffs and the playoffs. Mads “Viggomopsen” Mikkelsen, one of the strongest players in the group stage, continued his dominant run to the final, beating Hamboly 3-1, Doxa 3-0 and You MERT Bro 3-1 with a incredible adaptability, passing the style of play based on the champion’s choices of his opponents. On the other side of the board, Lithuanian Arnas “arnax” Stepanauskas advanced to the final with difficult 3-2 wins over Shakara and Potatis, before beating HULKSMASH 3-1, with a thrilling final match where HULKSMASH appeared. sure to take the First Blood.

Although Viggomopsen entered the final as a big favorite, it was Arnax who quickly took the lead with a win in the opener. However, Viggomopsen’s composure and measured approach allowed him to regain control, winning the next three games in a calm and confident manner. arnax won the W in a fierce five-a-way, surviving with only a burst of health. However, remaining calm in a close Match 6, Viggomopsen remained patient as the Ring of Fire closed out and won First Blood and the Red Bull Solo Q world title.

After the victory, Viggomopsen said: “I think I really messed it up, I should have won the game quite easily, but I panicked a bit a few times. But luckily the choice was too strong at the end of the game, so even though I was really nervous and really stressed out, I still got it.

Speaking on Red Bull Solo Q, finalist Arnax said: “Overall the experience has been great. I only took one game at a time, I didn’t want to finish last, so being in the top two is great for me. I love all of the guys, I’m really really good friends with them right now, so it’s been awesome.

The final act of the famous amateur circuit, Red Bull Solo Q offers 1v1 duels where the player must shoot “First Blood”, knock down the opponent’s tower or reach a score of 100 minions to achieve victory. After running for a number of years, the tournament saw several heartwarming successes from amateurs entering the tournament and then progressing to greater League of Legends success.