Convenience offered by the online platform

Qingpu market authorities received a thank-you silk banner from eMobile Park in recognition of its services.

Hunan Sokan New Materials Co Ltd specializes in new types of functional coating materials and was the first of them to be listed on Shanghai STAR Market. It offers its customers solutions in the areas of high-end consumer electronics and automotive.

Recently, it decided to establish its East China headquarters in Qingpu for the research and development of new materials for new energy automobiles, as well as for regional sales.

The unexpected resurgence of COVID-19, however, put an end to the plan.

In addition, due to a classification issue, the company encountered difficulties in obtaining approval for the headquarters name.

The company therefore requested assistance from the Qingpu district administration for market regulation.

The administration moved quickly, patiently answering all of the company’s questions and building a bridge between the company and the Shanghai administration for market regulation. It provided the best solution for the actual business demand and saved time.

After the company submitted an online application on a one-stop government affairs platform, using online identity verification and an electronic version seal, officials immediately reviewed and approved it in line.

After an hour, the Shanghai New Materials Research Institute was approved. It will be located in the eMobile park.

The industrial park handed over a silk banner to the district market regulators, and the company expressed its gratitude.

“We are grateful for your powerful business help and support,” the company’s operator said.