Company Launches Online Platform to Improve Access to Medicines and Medical Supplies | The Guardian Nigeria News

A company, Wellness Medical Distribution, launched its integrative online marketplace for pharmaceuticals, Pharmacentre, this weekend to improve access to quality medicines and facilitate medical supplies in Nigeria.

Pharmacentre is a digital platform that enables licensed healthcare professionals to sell quality medical products to businesses and consumers.

As an integrative marketplace, Pharmacentre integrates consumer-oriented (business-to-consumer selling) and supplier-oriented (business-to-business selling) models.

Through its interactive and easy-to-use platform, Pharmacentre would leverage the huge stock of pharmaceutical products from different licensed pharmaceutical merchants to supply consumers/businesses online via e-orders, and serve as a link between consumers and existing physical pharmacies. .

Speaking at the unveiling in Lagos, the Group’s Managing Director and CEO, Ms. Adetutu Afolabi, said more than 253,000 deaths occur annually in the country due to insufficient access to quality healthcare.

She said many of these casualties came from inadequate healthcare systems, while others stemmed from limited or no access to medicine.

His words: “Since the COVID-19 pandemic, major disruptions have hit pharmaceutical markets around the world, but through the power of technology and online commerce, we want to facilitate easier and safer access to medicines. for everyone. As such, obtaining medicines online offers consumers the benefit of quick, easy, convenient and private access to medical needs at the click of a mouse. No one should be left behind because they don’t have a pharmacist in their network.