Breaking down barriers: a new payment solution opens up the online market

South African consumers and business owners are ready and waiting for a digital payment shift, easier access to checkouts, and a safer way to pay and participate in our local marketplace.

Mastercard’s research shows us that this is true, and that 7.3% of banked consumers are ready to pay with their phone.

It is with this eagerness in mind that payment links have come to market. This new financial technology is making waves in the SMB market, allowing business owners to get paid remotely, wherever they are. Payment links enable fast, cashless and virtual transactions.

What is a payment link?

We are used to contactless payment methods: send an EFT, use your card, and scanning a QR code. Payment links combine all the most convenient aspects of these methods into one simple process.

Technically, a payment link is a URL that directs customers to a single-page website. The link is created through a third-party financial services provider who generates the link on your behalf through a dashboard or app.

A payment link allows your business to accept card payments online without creating a website or online store. In fact, you don’t even need a physical store.

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The main advantage is that you open an unlimited way to sell. Once the link is generated and copied, you can paste it into almost any messaging platform: Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, email, and digital invoices.

How it works?

When you find the right supplier, it’s simple:

  1. Create a unique payment link
  2. Copy, paste and send
  3. Get Paid

Once your customer is directed to the web page, they fill in their own bank details the same way as if you were buying a product from an online store.

This helps prevent payment errors, late payments, and waiting more than a few days for money to be transferred to your account.

What does this mean for South African small businesses?

The short answer is, big things.

Payment links secure your ability to get paid, regardless of what’s happening in the outside world. The flexible and remote features of this technology allow business owners to navigate uncertain times, while still being able to request and receive payments.

Additionally, South African SMEs – especially those just starting up – can expand their audience beyond the confines of their location. They can offer their services to clients near and far, without creating a website.

The immediate nature of sending a payment link also creates a smoother path from consideration to conversion. You’ll understand that feeling if you’ve ever been deterred from buying a product because you couldn’t enter an account number for the third time.

Are the payment links secure?

When working with reputable and registered fintech companies, you can be sure that your payment link is secure if you partner with a reputable financial provider.

There are, of course, some key terms to watch out for when deciding who to use.

Make sure you’re using payment links with a company that meets the highest PCI Security Council standards, which means business owners and customers are protected by anti-fraud software. This goes hand in hand with advanced 3D security technology to ensure user transactions are triple secure.

Get started with iK Pay Link

Durban-born fintech team iKhokha have honed their new financial asset, iK Pay Link, into one of the safest ways to get paid online. They had time to watch the market and come out with the most accurate and secure version of a payment link.

Their app-based approach is a huge plus because everything you need to know about your finances is one secure and personalized place.

Although the app is free, you will still have to pay a standard transaction rate of 2.85%, one of the lowest transaction rates in the country.

iK Pay Link is available for Android users with version 8 and above. iOS users will be getting an update to their app in the not-too-distant future. In the meantime, you can still log into your iKhokha profile on your desktop and send links to your customers from there.

If you’re a small business owner looking to transform the way you sell, visit to know what iK payment link can do for your business.

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