Bend woman creates app connecting local farmers to customers

Farm to table is easy, thanks to an online app created by a Bend woman.

It all started when Kami Semick wanted to find local sources of meat.

“It was about knowing a friend of a friend who had a breeder’s phone number,” Semick said.

With a background in the tech industry, Semick decided to facilitate this process herself; creation of an online platform called Food4All.

According to Semick, Food4All simplifies connecting local producers with current and potential customers.

“We allow consumers to find and buy from these producers,” Semick said. “So it could be that customers can place a pre-order and then pick it up at the farmers market, they can place a pre-order and pick it up at the farm, so the farmer really dictates the terms of the accomplishment are.

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Used by approximately 1,400 farms and ranches in the United States and Canada, Food4All benefits customers and producers.

A small fee with each purchase makes the use of the platform free for producers.

“The customer just selects the items, adds them to the cart, sees what the options are, is it delivery? Is it shipped? Is it local pickup? And then can quickly and easily switch checkout,” Semick said. “You [producers] can manage your products, your prices, you can decide through which channels you sell your products. »

Rainshadow Organics in Sisters is one of many producers in central Oregon using Food4All.

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According to Alison Holland, agricultural liaison officer, by buying from small farmers, customers keep money in the central Oregon economy.

“Some grocery stores have a big organic section with a very small portion being locally sourced,” Holland said. “But if you buy directly from a farmer, 80% of your dollar stays in central Oregon, Deschutes County.”

The option to know where and who your local food comes from, created by a local herself.

“We wanted to support their whole business and make it easier,” Semick said.