Atlanta Tech Exec Launches Global Online Platform Connecting IT Talent

A Atlanta executive with a long history of leadership in the software industry has launched an online network to connect companies with tech talent.

MatchupIT includes some of the profile attributes that drive social media networks, but it’s more specifically aimed at bringing tech professionals together around areas of interest than fostering direct personal connections.

With LinkedIn boasting 630 million users, its constant stream of content and flood of profiles can have the effect of obscuring the expertise of tech workers around the world, according to Lalit Dhingraformer President of the Americas during NIIT Technologies and founder of digital signanother company focused on digital transformation.

Mr. Dhingra’s experience at NIIT and working with Ensignis customers taught him that companies need a better window into what workers can actually do.

“Not all tech resumes are well written, they don’t represent very well what these people are capable of, and there is no platform that can accurately showcase their expertise,” he told Global Atlanta.

Likewise, workers tend to emphasize programming languages ​​or certifications rather than basic skills like coding. MatchupIT, Mr Dhingra hopes to “guide people to think differently”.

“When entering your data, you are forced to think about how the platform wants to present you to others,” he said.

MatchupIT also includes “communities,” message boards that allow members to share ideas and showcase their skills with peers in similar specializations.

“It’s a big tech community. It will not be 630 million and you are part of it. In the worst case scenario, you can be one in 40 million; in the best case, if I capture just 25% of the market, it’s 10 million,” Mr. Dhingra said. “But all those 10 million are qualified and only in the same field: technology.”

Mr. Dhingra will also try to attract companies to join the platform, not only to recruit talent, but also to increase their visibility with large companies looking for suppliers or qualified acquisition targets in platforms. shapes such as SAP, ServiceNow or Oracle.

“It’s a platform for them to market themselves – it’s not just the talent,” he said, adding that corporate and individual profiles won’t be linked initially.

Mr. Dhingra also foresees that it would be useful to help companies know which localities around the world are home to clusters of specialized tech talent, perhaps helping to relocate companies.

MatchupIT will be self-funded for the first year, as Mr. Dhingra uses his own networks to create a critical mass of activity on the platform. Once it proved its worth to the first few thousand users in its own spheres in Atlanta and delhi, he says, it should grow through word-of-mouth and natural network effects. For now, it is focused on recruiting fresh graduates from institutes of technology with computer science programs, as well as young companies from India’s proliferating startup scene.

The platform is free for users and businesses for 2022, after which it may introduce monthly subscription fees. In 2023, Mr. Dhingra plans to assess whether to hire a management team and raise capital to expand marketing efforts.

Either way, the 40-plus-year-old tech veteran is confident the market will only get bigger. With the global tech workforce growing at 8-10% annually, helping companies sift through the sea of ​​workers will be a vital service.

“There’s merit because of the lack of resources, the lack of good talent, to do difficult or complex projects, and that’s where people outsource.”

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