Appleton Winter Farmer’s Market Becomes Online Venue

APPLETON, Wisconsin (WBAY) – Many outdoor summer farmer’s markets come to the end of their season, but you can still get your favorite local produce when the weather cools down.

The downtown Appleton Summer Market wrapped up last weekend. Appleton now connects the community with online vendors.

Appleton Downtown Inc. said it was simply not possible to have a safe winter farmer’s market during the pandemic. Typically, during the winter months, the market is held inside City Center Plaza with around 25 vendors.

Organizers said there wasn’t enough room to allow for proper social distancing, so they came up with another plan instead. You will be able to buy products online, which many sellers have been offering since the start of the pandemic.

“On our website,, we’ll have a living database of all the farmers market vendors you’ll typically see. This will give you an overview of the products they have for you and a link that leads directly to their website or Facebook page, ”said Lynn Schemm, Marketing Director for Appleton Downtown.

There are different ways for you to get the products you buy. Besides the shipping and delivery of various products, many vendors also offer pickup from their farms.

Organizers say it’s important to continue supporting these local businesses.

“These farmers market vendors are part of our local economy. When you spend your money locally, more of your money stays in your community, and that’s a way to stay connected to them and you can always get that fresh product that you love and know it stays close to home. where you are and where you are. support a family while you do it too, ”said Schemm.

For more information visit the Appleton Town Center Farmer’s Market website.

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