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Breaking Cannabis Barriers With JuicyFields: An Online Platform For Crowd Growing

The properties of medicinal cannabis have been widely discussed around the world, but it has not been properly regulated or legalized in many countries. So what’s at stake when you decide to invest in this industry?

Let’s start with a thorough research of which countries allow this trade and which do not. Then you will need to directly contact the farmers in the country where you want to manage your investment and negotiate the prices. In addition, you will have to constantly monitor the laws of the chosen country as they are constantly changing, especially those regarding the use of marijuana.

What is JuicyFields?

Don’t despair, because there is an innovative and easy-to-use platform designed to make this process easier, faster and better: An innovative company created in 2020 which has managed to double its production in just a year and a half. Additionally, as the cannabis market is growing rapidly, JuicyFields serves as a bridge between emerging cannabis companies and potential e-growers.

Their mission doesn’t end there, however, as the company is keen to shatter misconceptions about cannabis cultivation and provide access to medicinal cannabis enthusiasts while being 100% legal (remember they all do the documents and research necessary for you to be able to grow your plants in a place where it is indeed permitted).

Crowding vs investing

Even though participatory growth might at first glance seem like another area you invest in, there is a key difference between the latter and the early terms. Before you buy the plant of your choice, you already know how much you are going to earn. Your profit is not as dependent on the market as the investment. Using in the platform is as easy as 1, 2, 3: create a new account, buy your plants and monitor your harvest.

Medicinal Cannabis + Crypto: Can It Get Better Than This?

Not content with just being the world’s leading crowdgrowing platform, JuicyFields is also looking to adapt to modern needs. Much like Elon Musk’s openness to accepting bitcoin and more recently dogecoin investments in Tesla (NASDAQ :), JuicyFields is improving the game by allowing e-growers to buy and sell plants with crypto. cash.

Crowding with Crypto

From now on, you can use BTC,, and Coins on the platform. Keep in mind that when you buy a plant using crypto, the income is automatically converted into euros. The same happens when you want to withdraw using Bitcoin or similar. In other words, the crypto is converted into a flat currency upon harvest, and you can then choose to withdraw it either in euros or in crypto.

Using crypto to pay: step by step

Prices for Juicyfields plants range from EUR 50 to 2,000, so you will need to select the type of plant you prefer and the quantity.

Step 1: select your payment method

In addition to the flat currency (EUR), there are 3 types of cryptocurrency with which you can buy plants:, Ethereum and Tether). All four options with their current exchange rates are displayed at checkout.

Step 2: Transfer your currency

After choosing your cryptocurrency, a QR code will be displayed with an address that you can put in your preferred wallet to complete the transfer. Before payment, you must have all your funds converted to the currency of your choice in the wallet. Keep in mind that Bitcoin processing has a small delay, so you might not see your balance change immediately.

Step 3: Monitor the condition

At first your plant’s status will appear pending, but after a while (around 30 min) you can see that your plant has already started the harvesting process. If you make a transfer that exceeds the price, don’t despair, you won’t lose it. The remaining amount will be added to your Juicyfields balance for further purchases.

Use crypto to withdraw

The same initial screen where you choose your currency appears when withdrawing your profit. You will then see the equivalent in Euros in Bitcoin, Tether or Ethereum. When you select one, you need to paste a transfer address from your wallet. Before you can complete the process, a security code will be sent to your mail to add an extra layer of security. Your payment will be made after entering this security code.

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