131st Canton Fair Online Platform Upgrades Further Facilitate Global Business Matchmaking

GUANGZHOU, China, April 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The 10 Day 131st Canton Fair is held online from April 15 to 24. This is the fifth time the Canton Fair has started on its online platform.

Without an in-person exhibition, the online platform again attracts a lot of attention from exhibitors and buyers. According to Mr. Chu Shijia, Vice President and General Secretary of the Canton Fair and General Manager of the China Foreign Trade Center, the online Canton Fair has become more user-friendly as it has gone through four online gatherings starting with the 127and session. The Canton Fair website includes 16 product categories divided into 50 exhibition sections. Each section includes multimedia display, exhibitor and product search, instant messaging, negotiation appointment, sourcing requests, business matchmaking, live exhibitors, meetings and events, the release of new products and VR exhibition halls. Responding to user experience, the platform has been optimized to be more stable, efficient, comprehensive with better service.

To improve search accuracy, the search function has been updated to add tags to Chinese specialty, high-tech or traditional brands and green or smart products for easy recognition. Search dimensions are increased to help shoppers find what they want quickly. The updated platform facilitates communications and exchanges between exhibitors and buyers by allowing exhibitors to verify buyer information with their consent. Businesses can also engage in conversations with buyers who add the business to their favourites, watch live streams from exhibitors, or are intelligently recommended by the system based on sourcing requests.

Maggie Pu, deputy general manager of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Canton Fair, noted that the Canton Fair continues to reach new heights with its continuous innovation and thoughtful, practical and delicate service. The 131st The Canton Fair will introduce new columns including Product Release and Featured Livestream. With around 150 product launch events, the Fair’s effectiveness will be further enhanced with the innovation achievements of Chinese enterprises presented comprehensively.

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