Yoorekka to launch online retail suite for budget shopping

(The Magazine Plus Editorial): – Metro Manila, Philippines, April 22, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Online shopping and selling should become easier and more convenient as Yoorekka.com unveils its online sales suite. This feature gives vendors across the country the ability to promote and sell products during the holiday season and beyond.

The mobile-friendly e-commerce platform is perfect for restaurants, accommodation, bargain centers, outlet stores and local businesses that want to reach millions of customers, increase profits and generate more sales . With tools like product management, order tracking systems, and store performance metrics, Yoorekka’s online sales suite ensures more efficient and productive online transactions.

Safer Plus magazine:

But even before online shopping booming, affordability has always been a priority – something Yoorekka aims to address. To do this, its online sales suite includes three platforms: the Web points of sale, the Yoorekka offers, and the Tianggé Center. Each platform is home to unique products and brands that are competitively priced to meet all budgets. In addition to this, the online sales suite will also contain information on promotions and discount offers to give partner merchants greater reach while ensuring that customers have no shortage of offers.

With these features, Yoorekka’s online store is poised to be the virtual point of reference where businesses can easily sell online and customers can buy online without any problem. With Yoorekka’s online shopping suite, visiting a physical store for inexpensive finds will be a thing of the past!

About Yoorekka

Yoorekka is the Philippines’ leading online magazine and web directory that connects shoppers, diners and travelers with local establishments. Our online magazine offers well-researched content that enables our readers to make smart purchasing decisions. Meanwhile, our online directory aims to direct shoppers, diners and travelers to the brands and places they are looking for. In addition, we also welcome businesses! Thanks to the Yoorekka business directory, traders can reach more customers

Ultimately, Yoorekka is designed to achieve one goal: to connect consumers and businesses quickly and easily. So whether you already have something in mind or are looking for options around you, Yoorekka Philippines can help you say, “I found it! “

Yoorekka is located at 5F, Richmonde Plaza Building, San Miguel Avenue, Lourdes Street, San Antonio, Pasig City. Merchants and sellers who wish to register their brand, products or services on Yoorekka can register here Where Contact us at +632 89389505 and +632 86352484.