Launch of Gondola, the first online platform of its kind, to connect social media content and its creators


The platform seeks to support a growing creative economy and those who drive it by organizing work, metrics and opportunities in one place.

DENVER, March 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Gondola, a first-of-its-kind online platform to elevate and connect content creators, announced its launch this month. On Gondola, creatives can take credit for their work and access data about their social content, regardless of the account or platform the work is hosted on. They can also use their curated Gondola portfolio to cultivate new opportunities, market to new prospects, and tap into a network of top designers and brands.

“The social space changes every day, but one thing has remained constant: the creators, agencies and individuals behind the content rarely get the public credit they deserve. With Gondola, we’re changing that,” said Jared Kleinstein , Founder and President of Gondola, “We are proud to launch this new tool to inspire creativity, cultivate new opportunities for creators, and bridge the gap between creative content and the people who create it.”

To join Gondola, creators connect via their Twitter account. From there, they can add their work and start tracking stats on their posts by simply dropping links from TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram into the search bar. With Gondola, a creator’s online portfolio is available in one place, in a consistent, easy-to-navigate format for sharing with clients, employers, peers, and the community at large.

Notably, Gondola’s platform provides current engagement metrics for each piece of content, including cumulative views, likes, shares, and comments across supported social platforms. It also allows credit aggregation to anyone who has worked on a project, including directors, photographers, designers, brand partners, social professionals and more. Projects can also be tagged for better search with specific locations, event terms and keywords.

With a free Gondola account, creators can add, credit, and tag their posts. They can even credit their team who worked on the project with them, whether or not those people have Gondola accounts. By crediting their work in Gondola, creators are automatically included in the platform’s global Creator Marketplace. “Find Creators” gives brands, agencies, and individuals a place to search and filter creatives by location, job role/type, and more.

The company’s name is an ode to its mission: you can take a gondola to the top of a mountain by yourself, but it’s much more fun with a group.

“We believe in supporting the amazing creative community – Gondola provides much-needed utility for their daily lives,” Kleinstein said. “We look forward to growing both our team and the Gondola platform.”

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About the gondola
Gondola is an online platform where creatives can curate and access data on all their creations, cultivate new opportunities by marketing themselves, and find a support system of top creators and brands in the social space. Fresh Tape Media, a Denver-based creative production company with clients in the media and professional sports landscape, originally designed the platform as an internal tool for content tracking and creator empowerment. Once the product gained popularity and attention as a unique product in the market for other creatives, agencies and brands, it was transformed into Gondola. The company is led by founder/president Jared Kleinstein, previously head of sports and international content strategy for Vine. Gondola strives to be the most comprehensive source for tracking content creation on social media and celebrating those who helped bring it to life. Gondola, Inc. is headquartered in Denver, Colorado and also has a talented remote team across the country. For more information, visit

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