Dotlines Bangladesh launches “Lattu” online platform

Dotlines Bangladesh’s new venture has created a unique online platform where anyone can start an online store of their choice and sell goods there very easily, according to a press release.

Dotlines Group Chairman Mahabubul Matin believed that the Lattu platform will surely play a key role in the economic growth of Bangladesh.

He said, “Lattu is an innovative platform whose aim is to eradicate unemployment in this country of a huge population of 18 crore. People can open an online store anytime in their own name from their respective home without any capital now.

Mahbubul Matin expressed sincere hope when. He said, “Lattu will go a long way towards making women in our country economically independent. ‘

On the one hand, it is possible to market the products and services already owned by entrepreneurs through this wonderful platform. On the other hand, Lattu must offer more than 25,000 high-quality salable products belonging to domestic and foreign premium brands. Without going through the hassle of sourcing products, one can choose from these products and start his online business right away.

The “Lattu” platform created by Mahabubul Matin, the founder of the Dotlines Group, which is one of the main frontiers of advances towards digital Bangladesh, has become an opportunity for the large number of people in our country who have lost their employment during the pandemic. time or are generally unemployed.

The most convenient aspect of the ‘Lattu’ platform is that here it is possible to start an online store without capital.

In addition to this, once the goods are ordered, Lattu provides contractors with all logistic support and services, including collection and delivery of goods.

Once all the formalities associated with the accounts are carried out by an accurate and automatic dashboard, the income and commissions are transferred to the relevant accounts of the entrepreneurs.

This whole systemic process is taken care of by Escrow, which means that “Lattu” acts as a neutral third party in the transaction.

There are over 10,000 entrepreneurship platforms in ‘Lattu’ through which anyone can start or grow an online business anytime.