Alphaliner integrates advanced data analytics into its online platform

Alphaliner, a pioneer and leading provider of in-depth analytics for the liner shipping industry combined with advanced solutions for liner shipping professionals, has announced several key updates to its platform.

For more advanced data analysis, Alphaliner now provides Application Programming Interface (or API) services. Alphaliner’s APIs allow users to access the latest and most accurate raw data on global liner services should they need to perform custom analysis with auto-fill data options. APIs can be further integrated into various BI software and offer a wide range of standard input parameters for full user control of raw data.

Alphaliner has also released an improved Service Extraction module, providing a quick and up-to-date overview of all line services. The module allows users to receive custom exports on demand and provides them with control over data access, extensive collaboration options, as well as full integration into the Alphaliner ecosystem.

In addition to the Service Extract module, Alphaliner also announced the release of an extended service search engine. It offers its users broader search options, quick sorting options, as well as access to data archives of old services that are no longer active.

Alphaliner is also launching a new module, called AXSInsights. AXSInsights includes various predefined analyzes prepared by Alphaliner covering a wide range of market indicators, such as order book statistics, idle fleet overview, charter rates, etc. Alphaliner’s new module includes virtually unlimited possibilities for creating new visuals allowing a shipping professional to easily see what is usually hidden behind the raw numbers.

“In the era of Big Data, at Alphaliner we are constantly striving to provide our customers with new, reliable ways to read through ever-growing datasets,” said Steve Fletcher, CCO at Alphaliner. “With our latest updates and module releases, our users will have the most powerful set of tools on the market, giving them full control of their data, as well as seamless integration with all the internal systems we use. they are currently using.Our 10+ years of experience in mastering APIs is key to innovating and redefining shipping software as a service for our customers.
Source: Alphaliner